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(806) 698-1203

Hunter Communications, a division of Cranford Enterprises is a sister company of MGC Videos. We have employees that design web-sites, hold software training classes, install network systems for your computers, and have digital phone systems available.

We primarily concentrate on web design and our photography and videography ventures.

Some of our websites that we have designed - some are no longer serviced by us:

82nd Street Cafe

Estacado High School Matador Baseball

Limousines of Lubbock

Estacado High School Matador Football
Estacado High School Wrestling

Lady Matadors Wrestling

Estacado High Schhol Matador Football Facebook


Tadlock Water Solutions - we continue to service

Limousines of Lubbock - business sold out in December 2015

MGC Videos - we continue to service

Cody Cortez.com - we continue to service

Emophonic DJ Services - we continue to service

Estacado Matodor Football - we continue to service

Estacado Matador Wrestling - we continue to service

Estacado Lady Matador Wrestling - we continue to service

82nd Street Cafe - we continue to service

Cranford Enterprises - we continue to service




If you are looking for a new design for your website or creating a brand new site, contact us for a quote and free consultation.

(806) 698-1203

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